JULY 21, 2021


Classes continue online via Zoom each Wednesday evening. There is a nice following of 15 parents including three single fathers who are also veterans. We plan to return to in-person classes by September 2021.


Harvest Home currently houses seven women and two infants. We continue to offer online classes each Thursday evening via Zoom. Harvest Home has invited us to resume in-person, outdoor and socially distanced instruction beginning August 1, 2021.

We recently completed a course entitled, "Becoming A Mom'' at the request of Emily Bel, Director of Programs at Harvest Home. This class is offered by The March of Dimes. While the curriculum we offer parallels that of Becoming A Mom, Emily wants to standardize the curriculum being offered to the moms. Harvest Home has made amazing progress on their second home! It is set to open Fall 2021 and will house 17 women. They have requested that we continue to teach classes and possibly add a "Momma and Me" class in Spring 2022. We are very excited!


SOLA is a progressive art gallery in Los Angeles. Currently, there is a quilt project in progress that holds a fundraising component for non-profit organizations that submit a designed square to be included in the piece. We have asked them if we can submit our Center for Childhood logo as a square design to be incorporated into the quilt project. We have reached out to Long Beach Graphix to see if they can create a square for us.




2010-2018   Parenting Video, Lo Que Mama y Papa Deberian Saber (What Mom and Dad Should Know)
This video was made directly in Spanish to reach parents who may not have other access to parent education. It was designed to be shown in clinic waiting rooms and has been distributed to 52 community clinics in Los Angeles County which serve 500,000 people.

In addition, these organizations have specifically requested and received copies of the video;

500 copies to more than 300 L.A. Unified School District school-based Parent Centers.
275 Early Head Start Programs in over 40 states.
350 copies to Head Start Migrant Worker programs in over 20 states.
439 copies to 65 Head Start Programs in California.
51 copies to 21 Head Start Programs in New York City.
39 copies to 10 Head Start Programs in New Mexico.
183 copies to 30 Head Start Programs in Texas
81 copies to 17 Head Start Programs in Florida.
27 copies to 11 Head Start Programs in Chicago.
60 copies to Planned Parenthood Promotoras community outreach program in Los Angeles.

Teen Parenting Video Deserving Another Chance:
Teen Parents, Their Children and Play.   This video shows the differences a good teen parent program can make in the lives of participants by focusing on the exemplary program at LAUSD Business Industry School, which emphasizes the importance of play to young children.   It has been shown at the National Conference of Zero to Three and is distributed nationally through Child Development Media.

Trips to Los Angeles Children's Museum for Teen Parents and their children.  
This program was designed to promote the importance of play in young families at risk. The outings were made on days the museum was closed to the public so the families could have the place all to themselves.

1700 teen families from 18 schools have attended over a three year period.

Teen Parenting Classes That Work.  
This program presented parenting issues in an intimate group setting, with a bilingual parent educator and plenty of time for open discussions.

10 week intensive parenting course were held for approximately 450 teen mothers in two transitional housing programs.

Teen moms from Roosevelt High School in East L.A.
and their children begin their visit to the Getty.

Getty Museum trips.  
These well-received and eagerly anticipated outings provided teen families their only opportunity to visit the center and have docent-led tours as well as time to explore on their own.

130 teen families from seven different sites have participated.

Enrichment program to bring teen parents to L.A.'s cultural and recreational sites
(L.A. Zoo, UCLA, Nature Festival, LACMA, children's theater, nature walks in Santa Monica Mountains, Getty, Cabrillo Aquarium, beach).  This program was developed to provide an introduction to many of Los Angeles' cultural and recreational sites to teen families at risk so they will develop a better sense of what the city has to offer all its residents, and to encourage a sense of entitlement to those places.

80 teen families have been on these outings. 

Enrichment program to bring families in California Hospital's California Hospital's Family Preservation Unit to L.A.'s cultural and recreational sites
(UCLA, Nature Festival, Getty, LACMA, ice skating, whale watching, California Science Center, Natural History Museum, Cabrillo Aquarium, beach, tidepool walk, L.A. Zoo).  This program was developed to provide an introduction to many of Los Angeles' cultural and recreational sites to recent immigrant families at risk so they will develop a better sense of what the city has to offer all its residents, and to encourage a sense of entitlement to those places.

23 families have participated in these outings.

Many thousands of children and parents across the country have benefited from our programs.   We are very pleased with this record and continue to grow with new, innovative programs that will reach even more families.

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